The cover of volume 3 of To Your Eternity features Fushi, Gugu, Rynn, Beer Gramps, Pyoran, and March sitting at a table. On the back of this volume is a silhouette of Gugu.

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Gugu is a masked boy living in servitude and trapped by his troubled past. When the two meet, Fushi’s abilities resonate with Gugu, who always yearned to be born anew. After being taken under Gugu’s wing, Fushi not only learns what happiness feels like, but also how quickly it can disappear…

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 14: The Boy Who Wants to Change (変わりたい少年)
  • Chapter 15: The Two 'Monsters' (二人の“怪物)
  • Chapter 16: Guinea Pig (実験台)
  • Chapter 17: Something I Love (手放したもの)
  • Chapter 18: New Life (新しい人生)
  • Chapter 19: Deep Memory (深い記憶)
  • Chapter 20: The Exterior of Humans and 'Monsters' (人間と“怪物”の外側)
  • Chapter 21: An Encounter Before Returning Home (帰宅前の遭遇 Kitaku mae no sōgū)
  • Chapter 22: Fight of the Brothers (兄弟達の戦い)
  • Chapter 23: Lucky Big Brother (対価の火)
  • Chapter 24: New Family (新しい家族)

Trivia Edit

  • In an interview with Oima Yoshitoki, Oima said that each volume cover depicts a character's dream. Volume 3 shows Fushi's dream, which is to live happily and peacefully with everyone.[1]

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