The second volume of To Your Eternity features an older March on the cover. On the back of this volume is a silhouette of the Spirit Bear.

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March, the girl who was chosen as a gift for the Oniguma gave It the name "Fushi." Parona, who once escaped a similar fate, plans to save March yet again. Fushi witnesses their struggles and begins to learn, taking Its first step toward agency…

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  • Chapter 5: Journey of Memories (追想の旅路)
  • Chapter 6: The Comfortable Land of Yanome (住みよい国ヤノメ)
  • Chapter 7: A Large Vessel (大きな器)
  • Chapter 8: Liberation Plan (解放計画)
  • Chapter 9: A Meaningful Death (意味ある死)
  • Chapter 10: Playing with Dolls (にんぎょう遊び)
  • Chapter 11: Those Who Accompany You (共にゆく人)
  • Chapter 12: One Who Collects, One Who Steals (集める者、奪う者)
  • Chapter 13: Our Objective (私達の目的)

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  • In an interview with Oima Yoshitoki, Oima said that each volume cover depicts a character's dream. March's dream was to become an adult and have children, so volume 2 shows her as an adult surrounded by her "children".[1]

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