Volume 12
Volume 12.png
Volume Information
Author Yoshitoki Oima
Release Date January 17, 2020 (JP)

June 2, 2020 (US)

Published By Kodansha
Number of pages 192
ISBN 978-4-06-517663-4 (JP)
Publication Order
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The twelfth volume of To Your Eternity features Fushi, March, Gugu, Ligard and Tonari on the cover.


The fight for Renril reaches its peak, but when Kahaku's left hand betrays Fushi and his allies, a great crisis descends upon the city... March arrives in time to see Fushi, but not to save him, and now Bon must mastermind a plan to turn the tide of battle.


  • Chapter 107: A Mother's Battle (母の戦い Haha no Tatakai)
  • Chapter 108: Quickening (胎道 Hara Michi)
  • Chapter 109: Empty Cradle (虚ろなゆりかご Utsurona Yuri Kago)
  • Chapter 110: The Price of a Vessel (器の対価 Utsuwa no Taika)
  • Chapter 111: Daybreak (黎明 Reimei)
  • Chapter 112: Then, Sunrise (そして日の出へ Soshite Hinode e)
  • Chapter 112.5: Then, Sunrise (2) (そして日の出へ Soshite Hinode e)
  • Chapter 113: Reversal (逆回転 Gyaku Kaiten)
  • Chapter 114.1: : Dusts and Demigods (1) (塵と半神① Chiri to Han Kami)
  • Chapter 114.2: : Dusts and Demigods (2) (塵と半神② Chiri to Han Kami)
  • Chapter 115.1: Feast for the Resurrected (1) (復活者の宴①

Fukkatsusha no Utage)

Fukkatsusha no Utage)

  • Chapter 116: End of an Age (時代の終わり Jidai no Owari)




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