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Uralis Kingdom
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Location Information
Kanji ウラリス 王国
Rōmaji Urarisu Ōkoku
Controlled By Uralis Family
Manga Chapter 63 (Mentioned)

Uralis Kingdom (ウラリス 王国, Urarisu Ōkoku?) is a kingdom ruled by the Uralis Family.


Inside view of Uralis Kingdom

Uralis Kingdom is located in an escarpment. The kingdom is tightly pack due to its limited space between the cliffs. Some buildings are even built into the side of the cliffs.

Nearby, and on ground level, are a few small villages such as Libu.


Uralis' culture seems to be based on medieval European culture from its architecture to clothing.

The citizens of Uralis are very lively and friendly. They greatly adore the royal family, especially Prince Bonchien. As seen by how they throw a huge celebration for his arrival/departure, Bonchien's publication Weekly Bonchien is a big hit among citizens, and some even cosplay as him.


Fushi summons Uralis cuisine for Iddy

Uralis cuisine seems to be primarily based on European pastries and desserts, such as: cake, macarons, and pies. Afternoon tea is also seen being eaten.[1]

Heartier meals consist of a main dish (such a steak), a side soup, and bread.

Unlike the Yanome, Uralis people eat with forks and knives. They are also seen using drinking horns as cups alongside regular cups, suggesting they drink two different drinks (from different cups) at once.[2]


The buildings in Uralis are primarily made of stone. Castle architecture is reminiscent of medieval European castles with cylindrical towers connected together to make walls. The interior is simply stone like the exterior with furniture scattered around inside.

They use garderobe as toilets; rooms that extend out of a building for people to do their business in, waste then falls out into a waterway below to be carried away.[3]


The castle servants, regardless of gender, wear a tunic on top of a long-sleeved white shirt. They wear white leggings on the bottom and sock-like shoes.

Similarly, the soldiers wear the same thing. However with added pauldrons, a long black cape, and a sallet.

Uralis logo on a soldier

Servants and soldiers of the Uralis royal family wear tunics dawning the Uralis logo: a spade-like shape with an "x" pattern on it and two lines below it.


Messenger bird microphones

Messenger birds are used to communicate between people and are used as microphones.

Royal Family

The royal family of Uralis is a monarchy that passes on titles based on primogeniture. However, the King can override this if he believes the next son in line isn't fit for the role, such as in the case of Bonchien being passed over for his younger brother, Torta.

There are no rules for who a royal can marry since Bonchien gets together with Todo, a lowly commoner and servant. However, it isn't preferred since Bonchien's mother got rid of Todo when she was younger because she thought Todo was trying to seduce Bonchien.

Uralis Royal Family Portrait

The royal family includes:

New members include:

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