Tonari's group attacking a Yanome soldier

Tonari's Group (トナリの仲間たち, Tonari's Friends) are a group that Tonari and her friends formed. Their goal is to leave Jananda and fulfill their dreams.


Tonari became friends with the group when she was nine years old. When she was ten, the group shared their dreams for the future and by the time she was eleven, the group created a plan to escape the island. Tonari and Uroy joined a shipping crew that transports prisoners and planned to use it as a means to escape. However, they were always being watched by other crew members.


Each member of the group has a black cloth tied around their right wrist. Also, because they are residents of Jananda, they all have a symbol of a triangle on the palm of their hand. This symbol represents family members of prisoners on the island.


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