The Tundra
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Located in Arctic Region in North America
Manga Chapter 1

The Tundra is where The Nameless Boy lived and where the immortal acquired its first living vessels, The Boy and Joaan.


The tundra is a cold land filled with snow, wind, and low temperatures. It is far away from civilization and lacks the proper materials to fully support human life. However, it was hinted that the Boy's tribe was once able to grow vegetables and possibly even fruit. There is evidence that wolves, elk or other types of deer used to roam the area. It is assumed that temperatures began to rise and food, wood, and other materials began to disappear.

The Boy's village appears to be located near the ocean and he survives on a diet of fish.


Five years prior, the boy's tribe left the village in search of a place where they would find people and food. The boy describes this as a paradise with "lots of fish and a thing called 'fruit'. There are people far smarter than us who live happily every day."

Before the group left, the boy tried to sneak away with them but Joaan bit his leg, causing him to be discovered. The adults told him to stay behind and take care of his grandparents. However, they said they would be back with souvenirs if they found that place. Eventually, the boy's grandparents passed away, leaving him alone.



The Nameless Boy's home

The Boy's home, along with others in the area, is made out of wood and is in the shape of a half dome. Each house has a stone fireplace and the furniture in the Boy's house appears to be made out of stone as well. When traveling, the Boy sleeps in a tent made out of animal skin.

A line can be seen around the inside and outside of the home which is used for catching fish.


Most of the people in the Boy's tribe wear a variation of brown fur cloaks/coats. They also have gloves and boots made of animal skin and fur.



The traditional Doki mask.

  • In a chapter divider in volume 3, Rynn mentions that the mask she was wearing was a traditional mask worn by the Doki people. If the name of the Boy's tribe is indeed the Doki, then this may be a mask belonging to his tribe.
  • When members of the tribe die, they are buried beneath the snow. The headstones consist of one big stone supported by three or four other stones.
  • In an interview, Yoshitoki Oima mentioned the boy lived in a ship that had been cut in half. The interviewer agreed that the ceiling resembled the keel of a ship and Oima explained: "It's not that 'A village exists over there [in the tundra]" but rather that the boy is implying he is "one of the people that made it over there."[1]


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