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The Nameless Boy
Kanji 少年
Rōmaji Shōnen
Species Human
Status Deceased
Sex Male
Age 14
Relatives Unknown Relatives †
Joaan (Pet) †
Residence The Tundra
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Reiji Kawashima
English Voice Jacob Hopkins

The Nameless Boy (少年, Shōnen?) was a young man who lived in the tundra and the first human form Fushi acquired.


The Boy lived in an unnamed village deep within the tundra. Five years prior to the beginning of the story, most of the people of his village had departed in search of the land beyond the mountain range, a paradise said to be filled with warmth, food aplenty, and happiness.

He had tried to follow them, but was stopped by Joaan, and the migrating villagers told him to stay and care for his grandparents, with the promise that they'd one day return to bring them all as well. However, sometime during the five year period, the boy's grandparents died and he was left alone with Joaan.


The Nameless Boy was a young teen with short white hair and light purple eyes. He usually wore a brown hooded fur cloak, a light tan shirt, dull green pants, and fur laden boots.


The Nameless Boy was a cheerful and optimistic individual, who had faced each day with a smile and a hope that never wavered, even under the cold and isolated conditions of his arctic home. When faced with disappointment, he would always look towards the bright side, and he cared very much for Joann and the people of his village, taking responsibility of caring for his grandparents until their passing as well as his pet wolf.

He was also incredibly determined. Having dreamt of the paradise beyond the mountain for so long, he had pushed himself through the icy tundra, a debilitating leg injury, and a waning food supply all in hopes that he would reach it.

His optimism did have its limits. After discovering the remains of his village's expedition, he broke down in despair, unable to lie to himself about the harsh reality. He eventually managed to come to terms with his situation and, knowing that he'd done all he could, passed away with a smile on his face.


  • The letters on the boy's home spell out "o-ka-e-ri", a common Japanese expression for, "Welcome home".[1].
  • The Nameless Boy is the third form acquired by Fushi, and his preferred form, having made a lasting impression on the immortal.


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