The Spirit Bear Arc is the second story arc in Fumetsu no Anata e.



The immortal being continues walking south in search of a new stimulus. The Mysterious Hooded Figure that created the immortal being says that, although it looks human, it lacks the characteristic of a human. Because it doesn't know how to eat or how to hunt, it soon dies. At this point, it has already died six times. When it first died, it took five whole days to regenerate, but by the sixth time, it took only 12 hours. Each death the immortal being experiences, it learns something new and will grow from it.

After walking for an unknown period of time, the immortal being comes across a forest where it is immediately killed by a giant bear.

The two women of Ninannah

A young girl, whose name is revealed to be March, is seen playing with her dolls. She then watches as an older girl is given a gift by her grandma. Another girl, named Parona, asks March what she is looking at, but March says it's nothing. Parona then gives march a new doll in the shape of a crab and they play house together. After a while, March's parents call her for dinner and thank Parona for playing with her.

March asks her parents when she'll become an adult, to which her mother replies "You need to go to sleep without wetting the bed three thousand times in a row." March says she can't wait for that and she wants to grow up quickly to become a mother. Her father then tells her that if she isn't obedient, she'll never become an adult. However, March doesn't understand what he means and her parents joke about her never growing up.

The next day, Parona is seen practicing archery with a heavy, powerful bow. Because the bow is too heavy for her, it makes it difficult for her to aim. She shoots the arrows several times but misses her target. One of the men tells her not to worry and that she'll get is someday. March asks Parona if she wants to play today, but Parona declines because she wanted to train and promises to play with her tomorrow.

March is seen playing by herself when she hears a loud noise. Parona suddenly appears, asking March if she wants to play and goes to take her to the forest. They are stopped by Yanome soldiers who tell Parona to take March to the city center, as the villagers have been called to assemble. Reluctantly, Parona does as she is told. It is revealed that the reason the villagers were assembled is for a ceremony. During the ceremony, one child of Ninannah is chosen as a sacrifice for the Spirit Bear. This year, March is chosen as the sacrifice and everyone congratulates her, however, when she gets home, her parents cry and apologize to her. The Yanome soldier, Hayase, is there to escort March to the forest where the sacrificial ceremony will be performed. She is to watch over her and ensure that she remains pure until the ceremony is completed. March tells Hayase that she doesn't want to die and asks why everything is being decided for her, but Hayase only replies "that's how it is."

First encounter of the immortal and the girl

On the day of the ceremony, a feast is held for March and, over the next three days, they travel to the top of the mountain. Hayase tells March that she's done a good job of being obedient and then says "The world of death is one of freedom. You may do anything and become anything. There you can be the adult you could not be here." Suddenly, an arrow flies toward Hayase and March takes that opportunity to escape. March trips down a hill and lands in a pond. There, she encounters the immortal being just as it is regenerating.

As the immortal finishes regenerating, March watches on in fear. The immortal walks away as March follows.

Hayase is seen tying Parona to a tree and asks her about her plan to fake March's death. Hayase says it's useless to pretend not to know anything and tells her that the people of Ninannah will punish her. Hayase's men return, admitting that they let March escape and suggest going back to the village to get another sacrifice. Hayase tells them that instead of doing something so shameful, they should go find her. Just as she goes to search for March, the men stop her and say they saw a monster.

March follows the immortal being, trying to engage him in conversation but is unsuccessful. She asks where the boy (the immortal) came from because his clothes don't match what the Ninannah or the Yanome wear. March starts getting annoyed that he isn't saying anything but concludes that he must be hungry. She climbs a tree to grab fruit and hands it to the immortal being. The immortal, who only knows how to eat like an animal, gets on his hands and knees to bite the fruit. March wonders if his parents never taught it how to eat and decide to teach him herself. Just as she demonstrates the correct way for a human to eat fruit, the immortal smacks the fruit from her hand and eats it. March climbs the tree to get another fruit, but the same thing happens. With tears in her eyes, March climbs the tree again and starts angrily throwing fruit at the immortal, who eats every single fruit that is tossed. After the immortal has had his fill, March understands that he must have been very hungry. She then tries to teach him how to say "thank you" but is also unsuccessful. They then decide to rest for the night.

March has a dream of returning to her parents and, although she is happy, she realizes that her sister Risa is missing. She then looks over to see Risa and Lara being eaten by the Spirit Bear. Parona appears and tells her that it's all her fault. Because she ran away, two people died instead of one.

March awakes in a cold sweat and decides to leave. The immortal wakes up and decides to go after her. She wonders why he's following her but decides he must be hungry and gives him the fruit. The immortal continues following her despite being given food and March says that it's almost as if she is the immortal's mother. It is then that she gives the immortal the name "Fushi".

Parona, who is still tied to the tree, begins trying to untie herself. Just then, a giant bear appears and kills the two men who were ordered to stand guard. Parona manages to escape just before the bear attacks her. She shoots it with an arrow but does not succeed in killing it. The bear hits her and she is sent flying down the hill. She lands safely and promises to save March.

The Ninannah Ritual

Hayase eventually finds March, who says goodbye to Fushi and willingly returns to Hayase. While searching for March, Parona encounters Fushi and asks if he had seen a little girl. Fushi leads her to the sacrificial site. Meanwhile, March is given food by Hayase saying that all the girls who become sacrifices eat it. She also questions March about the boy she is with earlier stating that the boy does not seem to be from Yanome or Ninannah. March responds that they just past by coincidence.

While heading back to the village, a Yanome guard alerted Hayase and tells her that they lost a guard and it is the Spirit Bear's doing. Hayase decides to take a detour and heads directly towards the altar.

After finishing the preparations for the ritual, a giant bear with spikes on its body suddenly appears. Parona tries to wake up and untie March from the altar. The giant bear attacks Parona. Just as the Yanome guards are closing the gate, Fushi enters the ritual place. Fushi's head was eaten by the giant bear but Fushi is resisting it. Fushi transformed into a wolf form and attacks the giant bear.

After witnessing the fight, Hayase decides to untie March. She gives a choice to Parona and March whether to die in the place or come to their country and live. Parona decides that they should live indicating that they will go to Yanome. Hayase orders to take March, Fushi and the giant bear to Yanome.

In the aftermath of the battle, March gives him fruit and he responds with his first words, "Thank you".

Land of Yanome

The wolf, March and Parona are on their way to Yanome. The shaman that chose March for the ritual says that it will took 20 days to reach Yanome. March asks the shaman the reason why she is in the cart, the shaman responds by showing them her foot chained and tells them that she was a criminal.

The shaman reveals that the Yanome hired her as a fake shaman to help them murder since Yanome wants the beautiful land of Ninannah for themselves. She also reveals the reason why Yanome is always interfering with Ninannah's traditional offering ritual and that their final goal is mental control and invasion. Parona also reveals her hatred on the Ninanah ritual. She mentions her childhood memory in which her sister died because of the ritual.

After the wolf throws up, they decide to stop by at a river to wash. While drinking the water from the river, the wolf suddenly remembers the words "Remember Me." and transforms into the nameless boy's form.

While inside the cart, March reveals that he found Fushi in the forest and says that he is still a kid and decides to be Fushi's mother.

Hayase gave them a change of clothes and stating that March and Parona are no longer women of Ninannah. They arrive at Yanome. While looking at March, Parona says to herself that she will use the life her sister saved for good.

March, Parona and, Fushi arrives at Yanome. While strolling, March notices a happy family and remembers her own. A store clerk is calling customers to their messenger service where you can tell everything to your loved ones. Upon hearing this, March approaches Parona and tells her that she wanna do that.

March tells her message to the store clerk. The store clerk asks her where to send the letter and March responds to send them to Ninannah. Hayase approaches March and tells her that Ninannah has no written script therefore, her parents would not understand it.

March, then, made a letter with her handprint on it which tells "I'm doin' just fine." according to her. The store clerk then asks where in Ninannah March wants to send the letter. However, even Parona does not know where their village is located resulting in March's letter not to be sent.

March, Parona, Fushi, and Hayase are eating. Hayase boastfully tells March and Parona that they should use chopsticks on their hands instead of using their hands while eating. After a while, March, Parona and Fushi all went unconscious.

Yanome Prison

Upon waking up, Fushi is inside a prison cell. Hayase is telling some unknown people about Fushi. Another prisoner was seen being dragged by a Yanome guard into Fushi's cell. It was revealed that if the man was able to kill Fushi, he will be release from all his charges, hence attacking Fushi but failed. Another prisoner which turns out to be an old woman attacks Fushi. Upon seeing that the prisoners fail to wound Fushi, the Yanome guards attack Fushi but Fushi suddenly transforms into his wolf form and runs away.

While Fushi is running away from the prison, Hayase shoots him with an arrow. March wakes up and founds Fushi beside her trapped inside a bag. Hayase then orders March to teach Fushi how to understand human speech. After pulling the arrow from Fushi, Parona appears and asks them if there's anything in their cell. March then hands Parona the arrow that came from Fushi's body.

While in the cell, Fushi digs and is able to make a way out of the cell. According to the narrator, Fushi is now able to remember what stimulated it in the past and can choose what to become. Fushi then approaches the Oniguma and bites it. While approaching the Oniguma, March notices something stuck in its body and it reveals to be arrows.

While patrolling, a Yanome guard approaches Hayase and tells her that March is one since there is a hole in her cell. Hayase founds March hiding under the Oniguma and decides to make March look after the bear.

March then continues to look after the bear. While looking after the bear, March tells the bear that they were alike and they were just normal on their own. While hugging the bear, the bear responds with "Thank you." After saying those words, another vessel has opened.

Parona is able to make an escape plan in which she asks for the old woman's help in exchange for taking her with them. The plan goes like: the old woman distracts the Yanome guard, while distracted Parona will attack from behind. Parona will then steal the Yanome guard's clothing and disguise herself as a guard. She will then take over the final shift of the day and take over the guard guarding the Oniguma's cell. She will then kill the Oniguma and escape with March and the old woman and will show to the people of Ninannah a part of the Oniguma and convince them that a ritual is no longer necessary.

While thinking about her escape plan, March tells Parona that the Oniguma is dead. Upon hearing this, Parona decided to do her escape plan instead of tomorrow. Parona then proceeds to get out of her cell by going out the window and using a rope to get over the other side. While going on the other side, a wood she was grasping on breaks resulting in her rope being cut.

Parona falls down and is spotted by a Yanome guard. Upon waking up, Parona finds herself tied in the shed. The Yanome guard then rips her clothes but Parona is able to kick the guard. She then grabs the mope beside her and attacks the guard, which turns out to be a spear she crafted.

A Yanome guard approaches another and commands to changes shift. The Yanome guard approaches March and reveals to be Parona and tells her that they are gonna break out from the prison.

Parona helps Fushi and March to get out from their prison cell. She also helps the old woman to get out of her prison cell. March bids goodbye to the Oniguma and Parona gives the key to the old woman.

Upon seeing Parona trying to cut the Oniguma, March stops her and telling her that it is a cruel thing. Parona then decides to give March a toy if she goes with the old woman but March strongly refuses. Parona then explains that if they prove that the Oniguma is dead then they might stop sending children for ritual. March replies that the bear is not the Oniguma. Parona then continues to persuade March that the bear died to save poor little girls like March to be sacrificed. Upon seeing March's scared face, Parona decides to get out of the prison without cutting the bear and says that she will just talk to the villagers.

Battle at Ninannah

They escape the Yanome prison using a wagon and heads back to Ninannah. While escaping, they are being attacked by Hayase and her guards. Hayase commanded to give them Fushi in order to spare their lives but March and Parona refuse. Parona keeps on battling the guards.

March happens to see Hayase planning on shooting Parona and decides to defend Parona by taking the arrow shot herself. March was shot by an arrow, Fushi transforms into an Oniguma and attacks Hayase.

A flashback is seen wherein March is playing by herself and Parona stares at her. March approaches Parona and was given a doll. March then gives Parona a thank-you feast and asks her if she wants to become a family with her saying that March will be the mother, Parona will be the father and the doll will be their child.

Back to the present, March is seen struggling due to her wound. Parona then tries to stop the bleeding in which March says that Parona should become a mother in her stead. Parona reassures March that she will be fine and all it is left is for them to go home. March asks Parona if Fushi is there and Parona replies that Fushi is there. March happily smiles with tears in her eyes.

Parona carries March and heads towards their home. Meanwhile, Fushi is being attacked by the Yanome guards. Parona approaches Fushi, thanking him for fighting for March. Fushi looks at Parona and transforms back into a boy.

While holding March, Parona grabs a sharp object saying that they will go home together while facing Hayase.

March's dream is showing in which she is able to go home to her parents. A grown-up March was also seen. While looking at her children which are the dolls, she suddenly remembers Fu and asks herself what place is she in.

March realizes that she died. She then cries saying that she doesn't want to die. Parona then takes the sharp object near her throat stating she will be with March soon. March unnoticeably begs to Fushi to save Parona.

Fushi stops Parona from killing herself and grabs her. They head towards the village. They arrive in March and Parona's village. Parona was approached by March's mother asking what is she doing for the past six months as they could not find her.

Parona gives March's parents her letter with her handprint on it and relays the message that March is doing just fine. March's parents are shocked and give Parona a hug.

Fushi transforms from Oniguma to the boy form. A Ninannah citizen tells the others that the Yanome is heading for their village. Upon hearing the news, Parona tells Fushi that they must be after him and tells him to run and live in his own way. Fushi then transforms into a wolf and leaves.

Parona went to the village's tower and found that Hayase found Fushi. Parona then grabs a bow and shoots Hayase. She is able to shoot Hayase's hand but Parona says that she missed.

While walking, Fushi smells a fruit and transforms into March, heading towards a new journey.

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