Shin (シン) is a young man from Taknaha and Gugu's older brother.

Appearance Edit

Shin has short, blond, combed back hair and dark eyes. In the past he work tan shorts with a red and white pattern on the left leg. Years later, he wears a long cardigan, shirt, and pants with the same patter on the left leg.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

From a young age, Shin and his younger brother, Gugu, have been working as servants for various families. They eventually went on to work as farmers and merchants for another employer.

He currently runs a farming business.

Plot Edit

Shin first appears in chapter 14. Gugu ponders his identity, wondering why he is who he is and why he wasn't born into a rich family. Shin says that he often thinks about that as well, but reminds Gugu of their promise to work hard, earn money, and build a big house that they'll live in together. The next day, Shin and Gugu eagerly go to work.

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