Rean Cropp (リーン・クロップ) is a young girl from Takunaha who was saved by Gugu.

Appearance Edit

Rean is a young girl around 13 years old. She has long blond hair and purple eyes. She is usually seen wearing a green dress with an outline of white and gray stripes and is often accompanied by her dog, Myrr.

Personality Edit

Rean is outgoing, rebellious, and prefers to live life freely. She dislikes how her parents treat her and feels they haven't recognized her as an individual.

Background Edit

Rean comes from a wealthy family and is accompanied by attendants, as well as her dog, wherever she goes. Ever since she was a young girl, she was surrounded by people who would tend to her, even if she didn't want their assistance. If she coughed, they'd check her temperature, they'd make her eat even if she didn't want to, and they would brush her hair four times a day.

Plot Edit

Rean first appears in chapter 14 walking past Gugu's stall in the marketplace. Her dog, Myrr, runs away and is found by Gugu. As a reward, Rean gives Gugu a ring and tells him that if he sells it, he'll never have to sell vegetables again.

Rean is next seen at the bottom of a hill staring at flowers. Unknown to her, a large log is rolling towards her but she is pushed out of the way by Gugu. As Rean is being tended too by her servants, Gugu is lying unconscious under the log. About three months later, Rean goes to Beer Gramps' liquor store to get something to heal a wound she has.

Trivia Edit

  • Rean's favorite color is purple however, her parents always buy her green things because green is the family color.

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