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Kanji オニグマ
Rōmaji Oniguma
Also Known As Spirit Bear
Mr. Bear (by March)
Species Spirit bear
Status Alive (Resurrected)
Sex Male
Affiliation The Immortal Army
Residence Ninannah (Formerly)
Yanome (Currently)
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2

Oniguma (オニグマ, Oniguma?) was an animal that resided in Ninannah, and the third form that Fushi acquired.

It was the titular antagonist of the Spirit Bear Arc and was revived in the New World Arc.


This impossibly large white bear roamed Ninannah until its defeat at Fushi's hands, and was said to be the guardian Spirit Bear that brought peace and prosperity to the land, but had to be given a yearly sacrifice of a pure, young girl to appease its hunger. Over its life, it had many arrows shot into its hide, resulting in an intimidating, spiked appearance, and was known to bring disaster to those who crossed its path.


The Oniguma was a highly aggressive carnivore, attacking and devouring humans on sight. This aggression was believed to have stemmed from humans settling in its territory and the violent encounters it experienced. However, after its encounter with March and Fushi, it became friendly enough for Fushi to revive it and have it utilize its brute strength in the modern era.

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