Nokkers (ノッカー) are unknown creatures that were created to impede Fushi's progress in preserving the world. The Beholder named them "Nokkers" because they "pound on the doors of paradise, seeking its destruction."

Description Edit

Nokkers are creatures that were created by an unknown being for the purpose of hindering Fushi's progress in preserving the world. A Nokker's main form resembles long, presumably sharp, vines. However, they adapt to their environment and take on various other forms - forms stolen from Fushi. When in the forest, the Nokkers took on the appearance of vines and leaves. At Rynn's house and on Jananda, it took on the appearance of rocks.

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

  • The Nokkers have the ability to steal Fushi's forms, along with his memories of that form. For example. when the Nokkers steal March's form from Fushi, he is completely unable to remember her. He isn't even aware that anything was stolen from him.
  • They adapt to their environment and are constantly studying and learning about the world around them. When Fushi first encounters the Nokkers in the forest, it is made up of vines and leaves. The next time he encounters one on the island of Jananda, it is made up of rock.
  • The Nokkers are able to control a person's body, whether they are dead or alive.

Hayase's Nokker Edit

Hayase Knocker 1

A name referring to the Nokker that has been with Hayase since she left Jananda. This Nokker first appeared to her on the boat Fushi left her on in the middle of the ocean. Somehow, this Nokker attached itself to Hayase's arm and has been passed down her bloodline ever since.

This Nokker is clearly different from the average Nokker, capable of understanding it's host and appearing to have a mind of it's own. Whether the ability to understand a host's body only applies to Hayase and her descendants is currently unknown. It is also unknown what exactly this Nokker's goal is.

Abilities Edit

  • This Nokker can communicate with its host body, but act on its own when in danger. This can be seen when the Nokker attacking Tonari broke Hisame’s arm and finger to run away.
  • This Nokker's main purpose aside from destroying other Nokkers is to sense and track Fushi.
  • Kahak can utilize this Knocker's power, giving him superhuman strength.
  • In chapter 78, This Nokker writes to tell Fushi about the Nokker's objectives, and tell its friend's (other Nokkers) locations.