Kahaku (カハク) is the sixth successor of the Defense Corps and the first male successor of Hayase's will.

Appearance Edit

Kahaku has short, black hair and brown eyes that strongly resemble Hayase's, a trait that all of her descendants share. He wears the same clothes that all leaders of The Defense Corps wear and he carries a spear on his back.
Kahaku 2

Personality Edit

Kahaku, like all of his ancestors, is dedicated to his role in the Defense Corps and protecting Fushi. He blames himself for Fushi and the Defense Corps's current reputation as heretics in the Church's eyes. Although he is generally polite, Kahaku can be sarcastic to those he doesn't like (as seen in his first meeting with Prince Bon)

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Skills Edit

  • Superhuman ability

Using the Knocker in his arm, Kahaku can increase his left hand’s strength.

  • Partial Shapeshifting

He can stretch, extend, and manipulate his left arm/fingers without injury. His arm seems to have merged with the Knocker, as he is able to completely stretch his arm to throw his enemy; something his ancestors were unable to do.

Trivia Edit

  • Fushi can feel Kahaku's feeling towards Parona's form.
  • The Knocker in his arm is smaller than his ancestor, Hisame.
  • Kahaku is the first in Hayase's bloodline tries to attack his own knockers on his left hand.