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Jananda Island Arc
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Arc Number 5
Manga Chapters 34-53 (21 Total)
Anime Episodes 13-20 (8 Total)
Previous Takunaha Arc
Next The Guardians Arc

The Jananda Island arc is the fifth story arc in Fumetsu no Anata e.


Upon continuing his journey of further evolution and stimulation with his loyal companion Pioran, Fushi ends up a remote island where prisoners tend to fight to the death for their right to gain freedom and control. There, he encounters new allies who teach him what it means to defend oneself to do whatever is necessary to survive, and the return of an old foe.

Characters Introduced

 Mrs. Dalton (flashback)
Jananda Island Arc


  • This marks the final physical appearance of Hayase, even though she was just getting started as an the antagonist of the story which disappoints fans.

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