Hisame (ヒサメ) is a character in the manga To Your Eternity. She is the granddaughter of Hayase.

Appearance Edit

Hisame is a young girl around the age of 9. She strongly resembles her grandmother, Hayase. She has black hair wrapped in a bun and held together by a bow.
Hisame outfit

Hisame's full outfit

Personality Edit

Hisame appears to be a typical 9 year old. However, she is very loyal to her family's teachings and to the idea that she is Fushi's guardian.

Background Edit

Hisame's mother was Hayase's only daughter. Hayase died before Hisame was born and, before she died, she said she would live on in her daughter's womb. Hisame is believed to be the reincarnation of Hayase.

The Knocker that merged with Hayase was passed down from generation to generation. Currently, the Knocker is located on Hisame's arm, hidden by a cloth and lives off of her blood. Although it can't speak, it understands Hisame's words.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She had her daughter Oumi when she was 17.