Hayase (ハヤセ) is a government official of Yanome. She has acted as a reoccurring antagonist.

Appearance Edit

In her original appearance, Hayase had black hair in a bob-cut. Now, Hayase has longer hair and scars on her face and body from Fushi's attack. She has also added a ragged cloak to her outfit.

Hayase outfit

Hayase's original outfit

Personality Edit

In the beginning, Hayase is generally a quiet person and takes her duties very seriously. She appears to be calm, stoic, and a bit inscrutable. Later on, her character becomes more violent and relentless.

She is shown to be skilled in combat, even more so after surviving Fushi's attack. For some reason, she developed a crush on Fushi.

Background Edit

Little is known about Hayase's past, however she is a Yanome government official who seems to be well respected. She was chosen to oversee the Ninannah sacrificial ceremony for the Spirit Bear.

After Fushi's attack in Yanome, Hayase spends about 5 years searching for him. She eventually meets him again on Junanda.

At some point, Hayase had a child and eventually a grandchild.

Plot Edit

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Abilities Edit

  • Leadership
  • Combat

Trivia Edit

  • in chapter 3, Hayase's nails are normal but in chapter 35, her nails are very short and rough, implying that she might have a habit of biting her fingernails.
  • Hayase's face is actually made of Parona's skin.
  • Hayase's wish is to be by Fushi's side and to have Fushi's children.