Gugu (グーグー) is a young boy from Taknaha who works at Beer Gramps' shop.

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Gugu has blond hair and light blue eyes. He used to wear a light brown chameleon mask outlined with a red and black stripe, but has since switched to a more elaborate chameleon design. He also wears tan colored shorts with a red and white pattern on the left leg and a white and blue stripe at the bottom.

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Background Edit

From a young age, Gugu and his brother, Shin, have been working as servants for various families. Because he was so young, Gugu mistook one employer as his family and was confused when they moved away but didn't bring Shin and him along.

A few years later, Shin and Gugu promised each other to work hard and earn money to build a big house.

Plot Edit

Gugu is first introduced in chapter 14. He ponders his identity, wondering why he is who he is and why he wasn't born into a rich family. His older brother Shin says that he often thinks about that as well, but reminds Gugu of their promise to work hard, earn money, and build a big house that they'll live in together. The next day, Gugu eagerly goes to work selling materials and other items at the marketplace.There, he often sees a wealthy girl walking past his stand. Afterwards, he'll return home and the process will repeat.

One day, while at work, Gugu wonders where the girl lives and what her name is. She comes up to him and asks if he sells any seeds, to which he quickly replies no. When he returns home, he sees Shin with a group of men and discovers that some money is missing from the box. Gugu asks Shin if his friends saw the box, but he tells Gugu not to doubt his friends. Shin then says that if some money was stolen, they can just work harder to earn it back. Gugu decides to hide the box up in the tree instead of in their tent, and goes to eat dinner when he sees a dog.

The next day, he sees the same dog at the market and eventually finds out that the dog belongs to the wealthy girl who is looking for her dog Myrr. She rewards Gugu with a ring and says that if he sells it, he'll never have to sell vegetables again. Gugu returns home to tell his brother the good news, but finds all the money gone and a note left by Shin.

Gugu mindlessly continues to work, until one day, he notices a cart with logs and thinks about how easily he would die if that cart crashed. One of the logs falls off and almost crushes him, but it misses and the cart driver goes to get help to move the log. The log starts rolling down the hill just as Gugu notices a girl at the bottom. He runs to rescue her and, although he is able to save her, his head ends up being crushed by the log.

Gugu along with Fushi's friends has been following Fushi throughout all the events of its life as a spirit. He was later seen walking alongside with Fushi by Bonchien due to his psychic abilities.

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Beer Gramps


Abilities Edit

  • Strength

Gugu has become very strong after years of training.

  • Cooking

Gugu has excellent cooking skills and is responsible for cooking the meals for everyone. When he leaves, Beer Gramps and Pyoran greatly miss his food.

  • Fire Breath

With the help of his modified mask and by using the alcohol in his stomach, Gugu is able to breath fire. When he shuts the lid of his mask, the pressure created sets fire to gunpowder balls concentrated at the nose.

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