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The Boy Who Wants to Change
Episode 7 Fumetsu no Anata e.png
Kanji 変わりたい少年
Rōmaji Kawaritai Shōnen
Air Date May 24, 2021 (Japanese)
July 12, 2021 (English, Spanish, Portugese, German, French)
Story Arc Takunaha Arc
Theme Songs
Opening Pink Blood
Ending N/A
Manga Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 (p.1-6)
Previous Episode 6
Next Episode 8
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The Boy Who Wants to Change (変わりたい少年, Kawaritai Shōnen?) is the seventh episode of the Fumetsu no Anata e anime series.


Gugu's past life until he met Fushi is revealed. He starts to teach Fushi about life in the liquor store, but grows envious towards him because the girl he has a crush on only has eyes for Fushi. This sparks a determination to improve in him.


In order of appearance:


Gugu, and his brother Shin are introduced, wanting to make lots of money so that they can build a huge mansion to live in. Gugu goes to the local market to sell vegetables that he has harvested everyday. At the market, he regularly sees a girl (Rean) that he finds himself attracted to, but he doesn’t yet know her name.

After his day of selling vegetables at the market, he goes back to his home to see Shin talking with 3 strangers, who Shin claims to be friends with. Gugu, accepting this explanation, goes to their stash of money to find that there is a bundle of coins missing. Although this upsets Gugu, he brushes it off and hides their stash in a tree instead of buried underground, in hopes that more money won’t be “stolen”. After doing so, Gugu mentions to Shin that he got a bun at the market, and offers to share it. Shin declines the offer, but a dog wanders up to their tent so Gugu shares the bun with the dog instead.

The following day, Gugu goes down to the market again, only to find the dog that he gave half of his bun to appearing at his vegetable stall. At the same time, he hears someone yelling out the dog's name (Meer) so Gugu follows the voice and brings the dog with him. He realises that the person calling out for Meer is actually Rean. Gugu gives Meer back to Rean, and in exchange, Rean gives Gugu a ring that her father gave to her as a gift. She tells Gugu that he could sell that ring and never need to sell vegetables ever again, but Gugu is too flustered to respond before Rean leaves with her attendant.

When Gugu returns to his tent, he notices his money box propped up outside, with a note inside of it. Gugu understands that Shin has left and taken all their money with him. Gugu continues to work at the vegetable stall, no longer his cheerful self.

Up on a hill, Gugu questions his identity. He notices a cart coming his way, and wonders how his destiny would change if he were to run in front of it. He decides against that idea, but as the cart pases by him, one of the logs that it was carrying falls off the cart and passes right over Gugus head, almost killing him. The log gets caught on a dead bush and stops rolling down the hill. The cart driver quickly stops that cart, asking for Gugu to keep watch of the log while he goes to get help. The dead bush that the log gets lodged on is too weak to hold the weight of the log, and snaps causing the log to roll down the hill. Gugu notices that Rean is at the bottom of the hill picking flowers, so he runs down trying to warn her before its to late. Gugu jumps in front of the log to push Rean out of the way, but in doing so he falls off of the hill and the log smashes his head at the base of the hill.

Gugu wakes up to hear Rean’s father getting help for her, but falls unconscious again. Booze Man shows up, and takes Gugu back to his home to treat his wounds. When Gugu wakes up he realises that his face has been destroyed, and that his dream of becoming someone else has been accomplished, but not in the way he had hoped.

Cutting back to Fushi and Pioran entering the shop, Gugu introduces himself to Fushi, but Fushi still not comfortable with the language doesn’t understand. Gugu decides to show Fushi around showing him all of the work that he needs to do. Gugu continues to ask many questions which Fushi can’t give an answer for.

At mealtime, Pioran and Booze man joke about ways that they could profit off Fushi, which ticks Gugu off, exclaiming that he sees Fushi as a little brother and that he shouldn’t be treated as a way to make money.

Rean enters the shop, causing Gugu to get super flustered. He helps her find what she is looking to buy which she is grateful for. She asks for his name, when Gugu responds she brushes him off and says that she was actually asking for Fushi’s name which makes Gugu upset.

Lying in his sorrow, Booze man Gives Gugu some advice, getting Gugu fired up to go train and become stronger. Seeing Gugu train makes Booze man chuckle, which Fushi imitates in an awkward laugh.

Anime Differences


  • In the manga, Gugu laughs about Fushi's inability to say his own name. This is left out in the anime.
  • In the manga, Gugu's mask is mostly an unchanging object. In the anime, the black dots on the side of his mask that represent pupils change according to Gugu's current mood.
  • In the manga, Fushi simply holds onto Gugu's mask as he repeats the word "Ugly". In the anime, he strikes a pose.
  • In the manga, Pioran pops out to introduce Fushi to Rean. In the anime, both Booze Man and Pioran appear.
  • In the manga, Rean returns to talk to Fushi the next day (asks him to say her name, asks about his favourite food). In the anime, she does this on her first visit to the store. The scene where Gugu leaves the shop crying that would have taken place in between these two visits was thus completely cut from the anime.
  • At the end of the episode, Fushi imitates Booze Man's laugh as he watches Gugu work out. This scene is an original anime scene that never appears in the manga.


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