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Those Who Follow
Episode 5 Fumetsu no Anata e.png
Kanji 共にゆく人
Rōmaji Tomoni yuku Hito
Air Date May 10, 2021 (Japanese)
June 28, 2021 (English, Spanish, Portugese, German, French)
Story Arc Spirit Bear Arc
Theme Songs
Opening Pink Blood
Ending N/A
Manga Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Previous Episode 4
Next Episode 6
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Those Who Follow (共にゆく人, Tomoni yuku Hito?) is the fifth episode of the Fumetsu no Anata e anime series.


Fushi, March and Parona continue their escape from Yanome and back to Ninanna. Hayase chases after them, especially in order to capture Fushi.


In order of appearance:

 March's Father
Episode 5
 March's Mother
Episode 5


Parona helps Fushi and March to get out from their prison cell. She also helps the old woman to get out of her prison cell. March bids goodbye to the Oniguma and Parona gives the key to the old woman.

Upon seeing Parona trying to cut the Oniguma, March stops her and telling her that it is a cruel thing. Parona then decides to give March a toy if she goes with the old woman but March strongly refuses. Parona then explains that if they prove that the Oniguma is dead then they might stop sending children for ritual. March replies that the bear is not the Oniguma. Parona then continues to persuade March that the bear died to save poor little girls like March to be sacrificed. Upon seeing March's scared face, Parona decides to get out of the prison without cutting the bear and says that she will just talk to the villagers.

They escape the Yanome prison using a wagon and heads back to Ninannah. While escaping, they are being attacked by Hayase and her guards. Hayase commanded to give them Fushi in order to spare their lives but March and Parona refuse. Parona keeps on battling the guards.

March happens to see Hayase planning on shooting Parona and decides to defend Parona by taking the arrow shot herself. March was shot by an arrow, Fushi transforms into an Oniguma and attacks Hayase.

A flashback is seen wherein March is playing by herself and Parona stares at her. March approaches Parona and was given a doll. March then gives Parona a thank-you feast and asks her if she wants to become a family with her saying that March will be the mother, Parona will be the father and the doll will be their child.

Back to the present, March is seen struggling due to her wound. Parona then tries to stop the bleeding in which March says that Parona should become a mother in her stead. Parona reassures March that she will be fine and all it is left is for them to go home. March asks Parona if Fushi is there and Parona replies that Fushi is there. March happily smiles with tears in her eyes.

Parona carries March and heads towards their home. Meanwhile, Fushi is being attacked by the Yanome guards. Parona approaches Fushi, thanking him for fighting for March. Fushi looks at Parona and transforms back into a boy.

While holding March, Parona grabs a sharp object saying that they will go home together while facing Hayase.

March's dream is showing in which she is able to go home to her parents. A grown-up March was also seen. While looking at her children which are the dolls, she suddenly remembers Fu and asks herself what place is she in.

March realizes that she died. She then cries saying that she doesn't want to die. Parona then takes the sharp object near her throat stating she will be with March soon. March unnoticeably begs to Fushi to save Parona.

Fushi stops Parona from killing herself and grabs her. They head towards the village. They arrive in March and Parona's village, Ninannah. Parona was approached by March's mother asking what is she doing for the past six months as they could not find her.

Parona gives March's parents her letter with her handprint on it and relays the message that March is doing just fine. March's parents are shocked and give Parona a hug. Fushi transforms from Oniguma to the boy form. A Ninannah citizen tells the others that the Yanome is heading for their village. Upon hearing the news, Parona tells Fushi that they must be after him and tells him to run and live in his own way. Fushi then transforms into a wolf and leaves.

Parona went to the village's tower and found that Hayase found Fushi. Parona then grabs a bow and shoots Hayase. She is able to shoot Hayase's hand but Parona says that she missed.

While walking, Fushi smells a fruit and transforms into March, heading towards a new journey.

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