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Wandering Rage
Episode 19 Fumetsu no Anata e.png
Kanji さまよう殺意
Rōmaji Samayou Satsui
Air Date August 23, 2021
Story Arc Jananda Island Arc
Theme Songs
Opening Pink Blood
Ending N/A
Manga Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Previous Episode 18
Next Episode 20
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"Wandering Rage" (さまよう殺意, Samayou Satsui?) is the nineteenth episode of the Fumetsu no Anata e anime series.


The Nokkers now have power over the recently deceased, and a distraught Tonari, Sander and Fushi have difficulty in defending one another from their "dearest friends". As Fushi cowers in sorrow and fear, an obsessed Hayase forces him to make decision if he desires to save Tonari from the warrior woman's lethal wrath, so she can have Fushi all to herself.


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Hayase watches from above as Nokkers rise out of the corpse pit. Suddenly, a Nokker enters Hayase's body. Hayase attempts to communicate with the Nokker, saying that if the Nokkers are after Fushi like she is, they should do it more intelligently, and that they should "treat Fushi with kindness" like her instead of using brute force. She then tears the Nokker out of her arm. The Nokker flees. She looks down at the battle and spots Tonari and Sandel. She aims a weapon at her neck to kill her but is attacked by Fushi in Oniguma's form. She asks Fushi if he will kill her. As Fushi hesitates, Hayase laughs and makes fun of Fushi's fear of killing.

On the battlefield, Tonari and Sandel find themselves in a dire situation as they run out of arrows. The Nokkers approach the helpless children, but are suddenly burned by a huge fire. As it turns out, Fushi has come to the rescue in Gugu's form. Using Gugu's fire breath, he burns the remaining Nokkers to ashes. The Beholder reveals himself to tell Fushi that there are only three Nokkers left. Mia, Uroy and Oopa, controlled by the last Nokkers, appear at a distance. Overwhelmed to witness such a scene, Fushi and Tonari both put the blame on themselves, but Sandel insists that no one is at fault. Fushi asks what he should do with the three remaining Nokkers, but before he gets a response, Hayase who sneaked up to them knocks out Tonari and Sandel.

Hayase holds Tonari above the pile of burning bodies and asks Fushi if she should kill the Nokkkers for his sake. Fushi is confused and Hayase explains that he wants to live a pristine life without hurting anyone, and that that is the reason he couldn't kill her. She goes on to say that she even took on this terrible role to protect him. Fushi tells her to put Tonari down and then they'll talk but Hayase threatens to throw her into the fire pit if he moves any closer. Fushi says Tonari has nothing to do with this, but Hayase explains that this is a negotiation. Hayase says that Fushi needs her because without her, his hands will be dirtied with the blood of his friends.

Tonari wakes up to see Hayase holding her over the fire pit. Hayase proposes that she will not kill Tonari, but in exchange, she will kill the Nokker-controlled children. In order to save Tonari, he only needs to agree to her terms. Tonari looks over to Fushi and shakes her head. She then kicks off the ledge and drags Hayase into the fire with her while Fushi runs towards them. Tonari thinks to herself that if she could choose her fate now, this is what she would choose. Smiling, she tells Oopa, Mia, and Uroy that she'll be joining them soon.

Suddenly, Fushi catches Tonari and Hayase and brings them back to safety. Fushi, relieved to have been able to save them, tells Tonari not to worry about Hayase because he put her to sleep with her own poison. He then ties Hayase up and helps Tonari up. Once again faced with the posessed children, Tonari picks up a sword but struggles with her emotions. Fushi takes the sword from her and walks towards the last three.

After the Nokkers are dealt with, Fushi, Tonari, and Sandel return to the town and mourn the deaths of Oopa, Mia, and Uroy. Tonari recalls fond memory of her friends: Even though Oopa was sold off for a silver coin by her parents, she still grew up to be a caring and compassionate girl; Mia gave Tonari friendship and was the only reason Tonari was able to laugh on this island; Uroy was like an older brother to the group and would always draw his sword to protect the group whenever they were in trouble. Tonari concludes that they were her reason to live. Fushi apologizes for calling them "not normal" when they first met, but Tonari says he wasn't wrong and that they knew they weren't normal. They were "resisting and trying to overcome the island" but everyone was laughing afterward.

A group of older villagers come to start collecting the corpses. They notice the chief, Tonari, and asks why her and her friends are here. Tonari tells them that they came back to fight with the island in its time of crisis. The men break down crying, saying these children have done nothing wrong yet they died for the sake of "scums" like themselves.

Fushi, Tonari, and Sandel are next seen watching the corpses burn. Another villager comes over to Fushi and says the island needs a leader and asks if he could give a few words. Fushi declines because he believes everything that happened was his fault. The villager then turns to Tonari. She tells them "A mountain of corpses will only attract evil, so we must stop the needless murder and live to help others." The villager thanks Tonari and goes to spread her message. Tonari asks Fushi what he plans to do now. Fushi answers that if he stays here the Nokkers will return. While there is still time, he plans to go around the island to make sure everything is working before leaving. Fushi then asks Tonari and Sandel about their plans and they say that they've decided to stay on the island.

The next day, Fushi asks Tonari whether she is sure about staying. Tonari explains that her goal is to purify the tainted waters on the island by stopping the escalation of violence, and building a means for people to change their own fates. Fushi, Tonari and Sandel then spend the rest of their day helping the islanders with their needs, before it is finally time for Fushi to leave the island of Jananda.

Fushi prepares his boat. He brings Hayase, who is still tied up and asleep, on the boat with him. Sandel is concerned for Fushi, but Fushi says that he will be fine, and that he is more worried that Hayase's men will come after Tonari and Sandel. Tonari tells Fushi not to worry, and assures him that they will not let those people win. Fushi says thanks to Tonari and Sandel and departs. After bidding farewell, Tonari tells Ligard to follow Fushi on his journey, and one day lead her back to him.

Some time later, Hayase wakes up on the boat. Fushi asks her what her objective is, and she answers that her wish is only to be at Fushi's side. Fushi continues to ask why she killed March and Parona. To confuse Fushi even more, she answers that it was because they were trying to keep Fushi to themselves and steal him away from her. Seeing Fushi confused, Hayase leans forward and tells Fushi that she has fallen in love with him ever since they first met. She continues to move towards Fushi, saying that if he gave her one night, she could teach him love. Angered and sickened, Fushi pushes Hayase back and stands up. She then begs Fushi to kill her and turn into her, so that they can "become one and be together for eternity."

Fushi creates another rowboat and starts drifting away. He tells Hayase that he doesn't know where they are, and that she will have to figure out a way herself if she wants to live. He also warns her to never come near him again. He then tells Hayase that he hates her, and that he would never feel a thing if she dies, a statement which a sad Hayase accepts anway. She watches dejectedly as Fushi rows his boat away. Suddenly, she notices a Nokker climbing onto the boat, which then proceeds to enter into the defenseless Hayase.

Fushi travels alone. The Beholder appears on the boat facing Fushi and asks him if he enjoyed Jananda. Fushi smiles and responds that he doesn't know, and asks the Beholder how to get to shore. The Beholder looks up to the sky and tells Fushi that Ligard has offered to guide him. Fushi thinks to himself and recalls the first few days when he hated Jananda Island and wanted to leave as soon as possible. But now, he feels that he even misses it a little, as without which, he would not have met Tonari and the others. At last, Fushi arrives at the port to reconnect with Pioran.

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