The Church of Bennett (ベネット教) is the name of a group that follows an unnamed religion. They see Fushi and his followers as heretics, believing Fushi to be a being that attracts danger rather than someone who fights to protect them.


Very little is known about the Church of Bennett, but they are a group that has been around for more than a hundred years. They have various churches around the world and seem to have a lot of influence, especially in the Hena continent.



It is unknown if members' uniforms differ based on location but in the past, members wore white pants, long-sleeved white shirts, and black vests with the Church of Bennett symbol in the center.

The Church of Bennett is represented by a diamond with an arrow through the middle.

Currently, in the Hena continent, members of the church wear light colored robes and hats with the Church of Bennett symbol in the center.


Tonari's Homeland

Members of the Church of Bennett can be seen arresting Tonari's father for the murder of her mother. The Church sent Tonari and her father to the island of Jananda.


In the past the Church of Bennett, along with two other churches, had set up buildings on the island. However, they were eventually abandoned and turned into residential areas for the prisoners and their families. Tonari mentions that they used to do missionary work but that it was probably just for show.

Hena Continent

The Church of Bennett seems to have the most power in the Hena continent. After the Defense Corps made their way over to the continent, bringing their religion with them, they began to consider Fushi and his followers as heretics. They eventually put up wanted posters for Fushi and threatening to persecute his believers.


Below is a list of current and former members of the Church of Bennett.

Current Members

Former Members

  • Sage Hanui
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