Chapter 124
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Kanji みずは(1)
Rōmaji Mizuha (1)
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Pages 12
Date released May 27, 2020
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Mizuha (1) (みずは (1), Mizuha (1)) is the first part of the 124th chapter of the Fumetsu no Anata e manga.

Long Summary

Mizuha talks about her past, and how she grew up thinking she was perfect. When she started middle school, she realized there were things she didn't have: perfect friends and a perfect mother. She also reveals her fear of becoming "just average" with age.

After learning that her family will be moving soon, Mizuha feels regret and the need to "rebel", so she runs away to her grandfather's place. He takes her in, thinking that her mother finally accepted him and his wish to make Mizuha the eighteenth leader of the Guardians (The Defense Corps). Mizuha doesn't know about the Guardians, so her grandfather offers her to read up on their story and mission herself.

When Mizuha sees Fushi's face in one of the books, she remembers their first encounter and what Yuuki told the Occult Club. So of course, when Fushi in the form of Pokoa appears in front of her, she easily connects the dots and decides that "acquiring" him will make her perfect.

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