Chapter 123.2
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Kanji みちしるべ(2)
Rōmaji Michishirube (2)
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Pages 13
Date released May 20, 2020
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Guide (2) (みちしるべ(2), Michishirube (2) ) is the second part of the 123rd chapter of the Fumetsu no Anata e manga.

Long Summary

Two girls are gossiping about Mizuha's disappearance at school, but stop when they see a girl with the same hair tie as Mizuha's walk by. It turns out it's Hanna, on her way to pick up Mizuha from class and go to the club room together. Mizuha notices that Hanna is wearing the hair tie she made for her. On the door to the club room is a small whiteboard with text scribbled on it. Hanna cleans the board off and writes something else on it. The two talk about the move, that her mother had planned, and Mizuha says that she hasn't talked about it lately. Nevertheless, Hanna says that she should tell her mother that she doesn't want to leave again. Right after, Yuuki appears behind them and greets them enthusiastically.

Before entering the club room, Hanna smiles at Mizuha and tells her that she's sure it'll work out. Next, Mizuha is taking a bath at home. Her mother calls out to her, saying that she'll take her dress and cardigan to the cleaners. Mizuha thanks her and then sits upright to talk to her mother about the move. However, she is interrupted by her mother saying that she's sorry and that she won't think about moving anymore. Mizuha is relieved, but when she gets out of the tub, her hair tie is suddenly missing. She asks her mother if she saw it, but she says she didn't. While Mizuha is still wondering about her hair tie, her mother gifts her a hair tie that she has kept since elementary school. Mizuha hesitates, saying that she might lose it, but her mother tells her it's fine. She puts the hair tie on and then hugs Mizuha.

The next day, Mizuha apologizes to Hanna for losing the hair tie. She isn't upset at all, stating that their bond won't break because of a lost hair tie. Instead, she is happy to hear that Mizuha's mother does care about her very much. She then asks if she would allow it if the two went shopping together. Next, they are at the mall, picking out a hand mirror for Hanna. After that, Mizuha picks out some hairpins, which she shares with Hanna. They then go to a crepe restaurant and soon after, Hanna complains that she ate too much. Hanna smiles and remarks that it's really peaceful. Mizuha stops eating for a moment and then suddenly starts crying without knowing why. When she arrives at home, her mother greets her, asking if she had fun. Mizuha says that she did. Her mother stops cutting the vegetables she was preparing and calls out to Mizuha in a bit of a worried tone. The last panel shows the open door to the kitchen.

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