Bonchien Nicoli La Tasty Peach Uralis
Uralis Arc Bon.png
Kanji ボンシェン・ニコリ・ラ・テイスティピーチ・ウラリス
Rōmaji bonshien nikori ra teisutipīchi urarisu
Also Known As Bon-sama (by soldiers)
Species Human
Status Deceased
Sex Male
Relatives Papa

Torta (younger brother)
Pocoa (younger sister)

Residence Uralis Kingdom
Manga Chapter 62
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Bonchien Nicoli La Tasty Peach Uralis (ボンシェン・ニコリ・ラ・テイスティピーチ・ウラリス) is the prince of Uralis Kingdom.


Bonchien is a young man with a pompadour-type hairstyle, similar to his father's. He has a mustache and markings on his cheeks that resemble eyelashes. He wears armor on the upper half of his body and armor on his legs that reach up to his thighs, along with a doublet, trunk hose, a cape, and a ruffled jabot.


Bonchien is eccentric and a bit overdramatic. Occasionally, he'll go through spasms of anxiety and discomfort, yelling "stop" and "don't come near me." Despite this, he seems to be somewhat clever, being able to capture Fushi and the Defense Corps and being able to recognize Fushi despite being in Parona's form (a form he rarely took). Bonchien actually cares for the people of the Uralis Kingdom as he grew up alongside them. He seeks to find ways to help the citizens and improve the kingdom even if he wasn't the king. He has great charisma that draws people to him. When he was imprisoned and executed by a religious group who wasn't against Fushi, he had become fatigued and disheveled while having a long look on his life. After he was exiled by the Uralis Kingdom as a prince, he joined Fushi with his journey to stop the knockers and became more mature.


Bon as a child

As a young boy, Bonchien was raised with the utmost care by adults as the future king of Uralis. However, his father decided he was unfit to be king and his younger brother, Torta, would be more suited.


When they first meet, Bonchien's goal is to capture Fushi and convince his father that, because he managed to capture Fushi, he should become the next King of Uralis instead of his younger brother. His father, however, doesn't change his mind. While Bonchien is beloved by the public, Torta is generally seen as more responsible.

In pursuit of his original goal, he decides to help Fushi in his fight against the Nokkers.


As the prince of the Uralis Kingdom, Bonchien holds great authority and influence towards his subjects and the citizens. He has shown to have great intuition to the supernatural.

  • Psychic

Bonchien appears to have the ability to see the dead. Most of his friends seem to be ghosts and it is hinted that he can see the spirits of Fushi's friends following him. He is able to detect and catch Fushi no matter what form he shapeshifted into.


  • Bonchien appears to be closer to his younger sister Pocoa than he is with his brother Torta, given as he calls the one his "cute little sister" and the other "the snot-nosed Torta".


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