Beer Gramps (酒爺) is an old man who saved Gugu's life and is also Pyoran's lover.

Appearance Edit

Beer Gramps has a long, white beard and mustache, and tan skin. His hair is wrapped in a bun-like hairstyle.

Personality Edit

Beer Gramps is shown to be selfish at times, curious, knowledgeable, and eccentric to some extent. He is known throughout the town as a weird old man that does things that might as well be considered a crime. In the beginning, he saved Gugu's life but also experimented on him - putting alcohol in his stomach to see what would happen to it. However, he seems to feel guilt and regret, especially when Gugu runs away. Although it is unclear if he feels bad because of what he did or because Gugu isn't there to cook anymore. Over the next 4 years, Beer Gramps grows closer to Gugu and Fushi, even spending a year making a new mask for Gugu. He's also sad at Gugu's death and at Fushi's departure.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Beer Gramps' past, but he currently runs a liquor store. He is also known by the townspeople as a weird old man that does questionable things.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit


Beer Gramps thinks of Gugu as his own grandson.

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